Accurate provider data that’s easy to access.

California’s healthcare plans and providers currently spend millions of dollars – and countless hours – updating provider directories every year. Yet many provider directories remain inaccurate and patients may not be able to find the care they need. We are designing The Provider Directory Utility to put an end to all that.

Why The Provider Directory Utility is the Right Solution

A shared statewide

Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) is collaborating with healthcare leaders across California to develop a truly viable solution.

Supports compliance requirements

We are working with California state regulators to design a platform that makes it far easier to meet SB137, Medicare and Medi-Cal requirements.

Benefits for providers

  • Spend less time and money updating your information.
  • Easier to meet contract and legal requirements.
  • Improve your workflow with an intuitive tool that doesn’t require your staff to be experts.
  • More time for patient care.

Benefits for health plans

  • Spend less time and money chasing down provider information.
  • Easier to meet requirements and stay compliant.
  • Improve your workflow – You will get the information you need in the right format.
  • Improve patient experience and satisfaction.

Provider Perspectives

Dr. Ted Mazer, former president of CMA and an independent practitioner in San Diego, CA, tells us about his experience with the statewide Provider Directory Utility. Dr. Mazer’s practice is one of ten small practices in our soft launch.

When The Provider Directory Utility is Available


Development and soft launch. Leading health plans and providers will provide feedback that will shape The Provider Directory Utility capabilities.


The Provider Directory Utility will be available to healthcare plans and providers in California beginning in early 2019.

Why Integrated Healthcare Association

IHA was selected to lead The Provider Directory Utility initiative because of our unique expertise as a trusted convener for people who shape healthcare in California as well as our experience helping our members harness the power of their healthcare data.

A truly collaborative effort:

As a non-profit, our goal is to make The Provider Directory Utility self-sustaining and help reduce costs for the benefit of everyone who needs healthcare in California.

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